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Commercial Real Estate Lending

We’ve been customizing solutions to meet the needs of our business customers for decades. No matter what size business or type of organization you represent, State Bank of New Prague can work with you to secure the best financing solution. Our lenders have the right combination of experience, customer service and local knowledge to add value to your business decisions. We pride ourselves on recognizing unique financing opportunities, responding to requests quickly, underwriting each loan with an eye toward problem-solving, and providing certainty of execution for time-sensitive transactions.

Please click on the description that best applies to you:

Business Owners: Business owners seeking to expand or relocate

Commercial Developers and Investors: Developers and investors seeking capital or strategic advice

Residential Builders and Developers: Small, medium and large homebuilders and developers seeking individualized financial solutions

Community Development: Non-profit, for-profit, faith-based, and government organizations seeking specialized expertise in the use of government programs, and equity investments for affordable housing, economic revitalization, and other community-based project initiatives

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